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Alania won in Tomsk. The only goal was scored by Maloyan.
05.09.2020 15:04


7th round

Tom - Alania - 0: 1 (0: 1)

Goal: Maloyan, 12

Warnings: Bugriev, 79 - Khugaev, 70. Khabalov, 72

Tom: Arapov, Bychkov (Bugriev, 24), Belov, Zuev, Sinyak, Shalaev (Tekuchev, 89), Talalay (Poyarkov, 62), Kireenko, Kazankov, Kamenshchikov (Akhyadov, 54), Dolgov (Dmitriev, 79).

Alania: Soldatenko, Butaev, Zaseev, Kobesov Dm. (Suanov, 35), Bagaev, Kochiev, Magomedov, Dzakhov (Khugaev, 53), Gurtsiev (Khosonov, 77), Khadartsev (Khabalov, 26), Maloyan (Kobesov Dav., 53).

Compared to the victorious match against Chertanovo in the last round, the coaching staff of the red-yellows made two changes in the starting lineup. David Shavlokhov, who was slightly injured, was replaced in the center of defense by Alan Bagaev, and Arthur Maloyan, who became the hero of the meeting, took the place in the attack.

Our team created the first dangerous moment already in the first minute. Khadartsev got the ball about 14 meters from the goal, but his kick was parried by the goalkeeper of Tomsk. The zeros on the Trud stadium did not burn for long. In the 12th minute, Khadartsev made his trademark raid on the flank with a shift to the center, connected Maloyan to the attack, who used his chance by 100%.

Batraz did not play for long in the match - in the middle of the half, he asked for a substitution and Alan Khabalov entered the field instead. And a few minutes later, Dima Kobesov was injured, colliding heads with Dzakhov.

The next time the game exploded in time already compensated for the first half, when the hosts missed a good moment for the return goal. Dolgov hit almost point blank at close range, but missed the target. We also note the dangerous strikes of Gurtsiev and Maloyan before the break. In both cases, the ball went slightly past the goal.

The hosts spent the second half much more actively, creating several acute situations at Soldatenko's goal. In one of the episodes, the player of "Tom" already seemed to beat for sure, but Allon Butaev took the ball from the goal line. Ruslan Suanov missed two good chances. David Kobesov had a good moment. Every time the goalkeeper of Siberians Arapov turned out to be the winner in these micro-performances.

Alania won the second victory in a row.