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Giorgobiani — the player of Alania!

Nikolay Giorgobiani signed a full-fledged agreement with the red-yellows.
09.06.2021 13:26
Giorgobiani — the player of Alania!

The attacking midfielder spent last season in our team on loan. Alania used the option to buy out a player from Ufa, and for the next three years Kolya is a footballer of the Vladikavkaz club. Congratulations to the fans, for whom Giorgobiani managed to become one of their favorites!

After signing a contract with Nikolay, he answered several questions from the club's media-centre.

- I have only the most positive emotions! Why did you choose Alania and not the Premier League options? I made a choice in favor of a team in which I feel like in a family. I have excellent relations with partners, with the coaching staff, with the management of the club. We play attacking football, we are constantly with the ball. Alania fans played a huge role in my choice. It was they who created the atmosphere as if I was at home.

- Did you consult with someone while thinking about all the options for continuing your career?

- With my family. Everyone supported my desire to continue playing for Alania. The decision was also influenced by a personal conversation with Spartak Arturovich. He has also been in similar situations in his career and his opinion was valuable to me. The uncertain situation with the contract prevailed a little emotionally, but I am very glad that it was resolved that way and I will continue to play for Alania. We can say that I have taken the load off my shoulders and will calmly prepare for the new season.

In the last FNL championship, Nikolay has 21 played matches, 1 goal and 3 assists.

Also, new contracts were signed by defender Dmitry Kobesov and midfielder David Dzakhov, whose contracts ended in May.