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Press-conference with Spartak Gogniev

After the victory against Spartak-2 the head coach of our team answered journalists' questions.
23.09.2020 22:29
Press-conference with Spartak Gogniev

I would like to thank the fans who came to support us. It was very important to win today and we did it deservedly, having completely outplayed the opponent.Spartak-2 is a good attacking team with fast players. Although they say that Spartak football is attacking football, today they sat behind the ball line with all 11 players and wanted to catch us on counterattacks. They didn't succeed. We were able to realize even more moments. In the second half, when the score was 2: 0, I released another player to attack, we started playing three forwards, we had to score and win big, but we conceded. Nothing supernatural happened for us. We have won a well-deserved victory and are on the right way. 

I don’t discuss refereeing, but as soon as Alania wins, the referees are to blame.My colleague actively appealed to the judge on the edge, which is nonsense for me.Did you also talk about refereeing at the press conference? The easiest way to say that the referee is to blame is when you have no game. If only they outplayed us, then it would be possible to talk about something else. 

When Khadartsev is available, we start the game with three forwards. Without him with two. Is it related to Batraz’s personality?

No, this is due to the team that is playing against us. Today it was just like this. Batik is a very skilled football player. He hasn’t recovered fully yet, still has some problems,after which he still can not play 90 minutes, but today he came out and made us stronger. Of course, It's hard to immediately get into the playing tone after an injury. What about the attack, our rivals are also looking closely at us, preparing, so we need to be variable.

What about the injured?

Maloyan must return to the group. Bagaev has an anterior muscle strain due to a change in coatings. He needs to recover for two weeks. Dima Kobesov will soon start training, otherwise everyone is safe and sound.