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After the match with Enisey, the head coach of the red-yellows answered the journalists' questions.
16.08.2020 15:30

We did a lot today, but our game was affected by the sending-off, after that we had to change our game and conceded. I am grateful that my guys did not give-up and scored towards the end. 

— In the beginning of the season you have seven away games in a row 

Yes, the reconstruction of the stadium doesn’t allow us to play at home, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter, is that we really show what we can do and play a good game, yes, the results haven’t come yet, but they will. I think the second yellow card for our defender wasn’t clear-cut, but challenges are interpreted in different ways. But I don't discuss refereeing.

Could you explain the change in the starting line up? 

Khetag Kochiev was out due to injury and we needed a required U21 player on the pitch. Plus we need to rotate as we have a very tight schedule. I tell the guys that every one of them is a first team player and can come on at any minute. Having matches every three days means rotation is inevitable. 

It looked like the team were worse today under pressure than in previous matches.


You should understand that we were playing on an artificial field, then on a natural surface, three days later we were travelling back at night by Moscow time. Yes, many things haven’t worked out, but we played a great game and we are improving. 80% of the team are playing for the first time in this league. I’ll also say, do not count your chickens before they are hatched. We’ll see what the end of the season will look like. All teams lose games and we looked decent today.