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Scored three goals to the guests from Ivanovo

Alania won a landslide victory over Tekstilshchik in the 12th round match.
27.09.2020 19:03
Scored three goals to the guests from Ivanovo


12th round

Alania - Tekstilshchik - 3: 1 (3: 1)

Goals: Kochiev, 4. Khabalov, 32. Gurtsiev, 40 - Gubochkin, 23

Missed penalty: Mashukov, 61 (goalkeeper)

Warnings: Khabalov, 6 - Appaev, 33. Marichev, 58. Gubochkin, 60. Romanenko, 64. Batov, 86

Alania: Soldatenko, Butaev, Kochiev, Kokoev, Khabalov (Kramarenko, 67), Kachmazov, Magomedov (Khugaev, 70), Khosonov, Kobesov Dav. (Tsaraev, 77), Gurtsiev (Khubulov, 62), Suanov (Mashukov, 46).

Tekstilshchik: Kiselev, Gubochkin, Obivalin, Fomin (Moseichuk, 72), Sidorov (Alshansky, 82), Goryushkin, Mukhametzyanov, Marichev (Batov, 63), Romanenko (Solodkov, 69), Bachinsky (Ageev, 46), Appaev ...

Before the match our coaching staff faced staffing problems. Alan Bagaev and David Shavlokhov got injuries, Azamat Zaseev went through yellow cards. So, the three central defenders appeared in a very unusual combination of Butaev-Kokoev-Kochiev. On the flanks were Kachmazov and Khabalov.

The red-yellows quickly opened the score in the match, playing a corner kick. It is noteworthy that this is the second goal of the season after the corner kick and both times Khetag Kochiev delivered an accurate header.

The guests did not sit back in defense and, in general, walked forward rather boldly. The Ivanovo team played the return ball after the standard was played. Soldatenko parried the first blow of Gubochkin, but could not cope with the finishing move.

The missed ball did not bother our players, who were methodically shaking the opponent's defense. Alania scored two more goals in the first half thanks to the individual actions of Khabalov and Gurtsiev. In the first case, Alan freely moved from the edge to the center and, without encountering obstacles on the way, decided to strike, which became accurate.

Batraz, in his own style, took the ball on the penalty line, beat the defender and irresistibly shot under the crossbar.

After the break, the game went on a collision course. In two episodes Soldatenko acted excellently, breaking the stadium's standing ovation. However, his counterpart looked just as bright, parrying a kick from the penalty spot performed by Islam Mashukov.

Alania extended their unbeaten streak to eight matches and rose to sixth place by the end of the tour.